Create your jewel

A jewel can speak for ourselves, only if it was born while listening to us.

Creative lab and forge of precious ideas, Floriana Iacovelli's atelier is a place to immerse your senses to see them reborn in the shape of a jewel.
To create a tailor-made jewel, Floriana submits her clients to a delicate training: touching the precious stones with your fingertips, touching the fabrics and metals, playing with the shapes and colors, exploring the sensations that gives you this contact.
In the time they spend together, the designer and the client are together in the common search for the perfect jewel: something capable of embodying and belonging to each person's personality.
The atelier is in the heart of the city of Bari, in Via Dante 89.

Every jewel I create a unique, bespoke piece: I make it for someone I have in mind. Whether I already knew them or not.

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