A precious craft. The gemologist, between art and profession

Floriana Iacovelli talks about gemology with Caterina della Torre, editorial director and general manager of www.dols.it.

Gemology, between art and profession

We'll talk about it with Floriana Iacovelli, who has been operating in this sector for years. After obtaining a Master's degree in Political Sciences in Bari, where she still lives and works, in 1988 she chose to follow the path in the fascinating world of jewelry

How did you become a gemologist??
I obtained the diploma in Gemology after following the courses on diamonds, pearls, colored stones and taking several exams on each specific topic. I took the gemologist diploma at I.G.I (Istituto Gemmologico Italiano) in Milan. Furthermore, I obtained the european diploma F.e.e.g. (Federation for european education in gemmology). A charming journey but, I have to admit, quite challenging at the same time…

Do you think it is an undervalued profession?
Unfortunately yes, especially in Italy. As far as I know in Europe the profession of the gemologist has As far as I know, in Europe the gemologist has a wider professional recognition. The general orientation in all product sectors is to focus more and more on quality certification; in the jewelry sector there is still a lot of debate on how to adopt legislation that obliges the certification of the nature and quality of the materials used in the various phases of production processes. There are various proposals and laws on the matter; it was discussed extensively in June, on the occasion of the recent Conference of Scientific Gemmology (of which I was a member of the Organizing Committee), held in Bari, the city where I live and work. We are waiting for positive feedback ...

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