Precious Epiphany

The "Befana" comes at night... but you better get busy during the day to find the perfect gift and to make your sock amazing.

Come visit! There is a special promotion for you on all handmade creation, valid until January 6.

By the way, it seems that this day has a special connection with gems.
During the Middle Age, this was the day of the year dedicated to the consecration of precious stones. Much later, in 1985, Henry van Dyke wrote a famous tale with the title The Story of The Other Wise Man. It was about the story of the fourth Wise Man whose name was Artaban, who brought a sapphire, a ruby and a pearl to Bethlehem as a gift. This is because, when the comet arrived, the sky was crossed by a blue spark that shone so intensely that it turned into a scarlet sphere, which had a very bright white spot in the center: here is explained the sapphire, the ruby and the pearl.
In every day of the year there may be a little bit of magic, but perhaps in this day ... a little more.
We are waiting for you!

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